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Posted by · admin on Sep 5, 2015

Now that the site is fully transferred, I’m getting back to updating it. I started these before the move and finally have a chance to get them added to the gallery. All 24 episodes from season four plus the bonus features can now be found in the gallery.

Gallery Link:
        • Television > JAG > Season Four

Posted by · admin on Aug 8, 2015

Hi everyone!

I have some bad news. My current host is closing down on Monday and I’m going to have to find a new place to host this site. I’m working on finding us a new home but there might be a bit of downtime until that happens. There wasn’t a lot of notice so I worked as fast as I could and now I’m just waiting to hear back from several different options to see if I can get the site moved. I had hoped you wouldn’t notice the move but since I’m playing the waiting game I thought it was best to give you guys a heads up. The site will be accessible through Monday and then again once it’s hosted somewhere via the current URL. I’m so sorry for the downtime you’ll experience (if you experience any).

Make sure you follow Catherine Bell Online on twitter @CBell_Online for all the latest updates on the move.

Posted by · admin on Jul 24, 2015

I’ve added screencaptures from all of JAG season three to the gallery.

Gallery Link:
      • Television > JAG > Season Three

Posted by · admin on Mar 12, 2015

I’ve added HD captures from the first two episodes of The Good Witch series to the gallery. Sorry I’m a bit behind, I’ll try to get the rest of the season up in a timely manner.

Gallery Links:
      • Television > The Good Witch > Season One > 1.01 Starting Over… Again
      • Television > The Good Witch > Season One > 1.02 Running Scared

Posted by · admin on Mar 8, 2015

Catherine (and James Denton) did a few interviews on various news shows leading up to the premiere of The Good Witch and I’ve added two videos (and a link) below.

I can’t figure out how to embed this one but Catherine and James Denton also did an interview together for CBS Baltimore which you can see by going here: Coffee With: Catherine Bell and James Denton

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