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Hello everyone! I’m sorry I dropped off the face of the planet but I between going to school full time and working full time, the year just got away from me. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish getting the site up-to-date before I’m let out of my house. I’m tweaking the sidebar still but other than that I think everything is good to go. I have some gallery additions to add and I’ll be adding a video section eventually. The next big undertaking will be revamping the career section.

As always, you can stay up-to-date via twitter @CB_Online.



Hello! I know I’ve neglected this site badly but I’m hoping to change that. I’ve cut back exponentially on my hours at work so I have plenty of time to give the site the attention it deserves.

For my first update, I’ve added captures from season one of Army Wives to the gallery.



Sorry it took so long for me to get these up. I had to put off watching it which meant putting off making screencaptures as well. But they’re done and added to the gallery now. This was viewed as the first episode of season two, a sneak peek if you will. I’ve added it under season two but if that changes and it becomes viewed as another movie, I’ll move the captures at that time.

Gallery Link:
      • Television > The Good Witch > Season Two >
2.01 Something Wicked



I’ve added screencaptures from season 7 of JAG to the gallery. I know season 6 is missing, I didn’t skip it accidentally. Somehow when I was picking up DVDs to finish my collection, I didn’t get season 6. I’ll go back and add season 6 when I can.

Gallery Link:
        • Television > JAG > Season Seven



Don’t forget to tune into Hallmark this Saturday for the Good Witch 2-hour Halloween Special. If you’ve got a couple of hours free on Saturday, Hallmark is airing each of the Good Witch movies starting at 11am and ending with the Halloween special at 9pm.

And if you want a little more magic this Halloween, pick up the Good Witch Season 1 on DVD. Amazon currently has it on sale for $14.99.


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