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Catherine (and James Denton) did a few interviews on various news shows leading up to the premiere of The Good Witch and I’ve added two videos (and a link) below.

I can’t figure out how to embed this one but Catherine and James Denton also did an interview together for CBS Baltimore which you can see by going here: Coffee With: Catherine Bell and James Denton



Following the series premiere of The Good Witch did a review. Find out what they thought by following the source link below the excerpt.

If you tuned in to the debut of the long-awaited season premiere on Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015, you were there for a reason, to see the life of Cassandra Nightingale in a new scenario, recently widowed, and with infant Grace as a newly minted teenager. The debut episode is titled, “Starting Over Again” and it’s a winner. In fact, it knocked the cover off the ball.


What did you think of the series premiere? Let me know in the comments.



I’ve been doing a lot of work in the gallery lately and I have a good portion of Catherine’s public appearances added from the last 17 years. I still have a good number of photos to sort and add but I thought I’d share now that I’ve gotten through the majority of it.

Gallery Link:
Public Appearances – 1997 – 2014



Before The Good Witch’s Wonder premieres on October 25, Hallmark is having a marathon starting at 11am with the movie that started it all, The Good Witch. You can watch the promo for The Good Witch’s Wonder below and I posted the schedule of movies for those that will be watching.

11:00 AM The Good Witch
01:00 PM The Good Witch’s Garden
03:00 PM The Good Witch’s Gift
05:00 PM The Good Witch’s Charm
07:00 PM The Good Witch’s Destiny
09:00 PM The Good Witch’s Wonder

In the seventh installment of Hallmark Channel’s highest-rated and longest-running original movie series, Cassie is planning her stepson’s wedding and is spearheading the silent auction Martha, the new mayor of Middleton, has roped her into organizing. When Audrey, wanders into Cassie’s store, the two instantly bond. Needing help in the store, Cassie hires Audrey as her new store associate and she even helps Cassie organize the auction. But, Audrey is hiding a secret past and when donated items are missing, she becomes the prime suspect. With the use of her “special” powers- as well as some teamwork by the mayor and her husband Jake – Cassie hopes to discover the truth before it’s too late.



I’m adding all of Season Five JAG captures to the gallery today. I misplaced my season 3 & 4 DVDs so I skipped ahead and as soon as I was finished with 5, I found them. I’ll be backtracking and doing season 3 next.

Gallery Links:
      • Television > JAG > Season Five


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